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Beam Team

Beam Team was created to encourage players to come back to local coop games.

After releasing Beam Team, we were approached to develop an Arcade Cabinet port of the game.

It's a perfect example of our philosophy - games can bring people together, in any environment!


Jack the Super Prawn

Jack the Super Prawn was a Youtube video created by our client, before they met us. They told us that they had been looking for a way to build a brand that would encourage children to think about the environment.

We helped publish the first ever Jack the Super Prawn book, as well as accompanying mobile game, starring Jack the Super Prawn. Now, the book and game are in schools around the country, and a series of short films are in development.



Duped is a introspective puzzle game that forces players to confront their ideas of identity and existence. We originally published it on Steam, before positive reception to the game encouraged us to publish it to other platforms.

We ported the game to Nintendo Switch, and may bring the game to more platforms to bring these ideas to new sets of players.